Botanikertagung 2017 it will be held in Kiel, from September 17 to 21, 2017.


Program and Abstracts

Download a preliminary program here (new Version: 15-09-2017)

Plenary speakers and topics of symposia are listed on the next web pages.

> The complete program, posterlists as well as abstracts and room maps are available for registered persons on the webpage [Abstractbook].  

General Information


Participation at the Botanikertagung 2017 requires registration.
Attendees of the meeting are kindly requested to wear their name badges.

Congress office

From Monday to Thursday the congress office is located in the basement of the central lecture hall (Audimax, Christian-Albrechts Platz 2).
On Sunday, September 17, registration can be done near to the presymposium and the welcome meeting at Alte Mensa (Olshausenstr. 40, 24118 Kiel).

Students are kindly asked to bring their student ID card or a letter of confirmation to the registration desk.

Oral Presentation:

Slots for talks are different and narrow. Please time your presentation accurately and leave time (3-5min) for discussion!

All speakers are kindly requested to have their presentations available one day before the session. Please bring your presentation files to the computer service room “Senatssitzungsraum” (Audimax, ground floor). There will be staff and computers for uploading your files. Preferably bring your presentation on a USB stick. Microsoft Office including PowerPoint, and Adobe-PDFReader are installed on the computers.

Poster Presentation:

Posters can be hang up at the beginning of the conference on designated boards and dismounted at the end of the conference.
The dimensions of the boards are 118cm high and 84cm wide (A0 upright). Adhesive tape or pins for mounting the posters on the boards will be available at the poster area.

Posters will be assigned to different sessions and displayed in four buildings.
Lists of posters including poster numbers and their location are available for registered participants on the webpage [Abstractbook]

Poster areas will be

(a) in the ground floor of the central lecture hall (AudiMax – Christian-Albrechts Platz 2)

- Symposium 2: Genomes
- Symposium 4: Evolution
- Symposium 5: Photosynthesis
- Symposium 9: Natural Compounds
- Symposium 10: Biotechnology

(b) the foyer of “Alte Mensa” Olshausenstrasse 40,

- Symposium 7: Crop Plants
- Symposium 8: Cell Biology

(c) the foyer and first floor of CAP3 (Christian-Albrechts Platz 3),

-       Symposium 3: Algae
-       Symposium 6: Development
-       Symposium 11: Biodiversity,

(d) the first floor of Mensa 1 (Westring 385).

-       Symposium 1: Interaction.

Number of poster and poster places are defined in poster lists sorted alphabetically according to the presenting author. Poster lists are provided in the abstract book. Lists of poster numbers and their respective location will be displayed within or at the entrance of the poster areas, too.

Poster lists are also available via the link  >>[program] >>[abstractbook].


Poster Session 1 for all posters with odd numbers is on Monday starting at 1:50 pm.
All posters with even numbers will be displayed in Poster Session 2 on Wednesday starting at 4 pm.

Internet service

Internet (WirelessLAN) is available by the eduroam net. A personal guest account will be provided for registered persons.


Beverages served during coffee breaks in the foyer of the central lecture hall are included in the registration fee. Please show your conference badge. Lunch can be taken in the Mensa 1 (Westring 385) next to the central lecture hall. Coupons will be provided for registered participants in the badges.